Hanranya 2923


Full Name Hanranya

Gender Female
Hair Color White
Known Relatives Kuyou (Twin Sister, deceased)


Additional Information
Title Blind Stargazer
Rank Head Priestess
Occupation Stargazer
Real World
First Appearance "The Resurrection of Ashura"
Last Appearance "Twin Castles in Flames and Thunder II"
Created by CLAMP
Hanranya (般羅若?) Hanranya is the younger sister of Kuyou and performs in her place for Taishakuten after Kuyou escapes. Unlike her sister who was blind and a stargazer from birth, Hanranya attained her powers by blinding herself with a torch. Thus she is not as powerful as Kuyou and can only scry in water. She primarily uses her powers to help Taishakuten track and hound the six stars but toward the end of the last battler her she uses her water mirror to communicate with Kujaku and is able to look into the past to reveal his origins. She is both loyal and strongly devoted to Taishakuten and attempts to kill herself when she believes he has died during the final fight with Ashura. She is prevented by Souchouten and eventually ends up in the retinue of Ten-ō, assumably serving him in the same manner she served his father.

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