Kaara (InfoBox)


Full Name Kaara

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Known Relatives Kumaraten (Husband)
Shashi (Twin Older Sister)
Ashura-ō (Brother in-law)
Ashura (Nephew)
Tennou (Nephew)
  • Ashura Clan
  • Kusumabura Clan
Additional Information
Title Guardian of Shurato
Rank Priestess
Occupation Priestess of Ashura Clan
Real World
Created by CLAMP
Kaara (迦羅?) was the Priestess of Ashura Clan along with her Twin sister of Shashi. Unlike her sister, Kaara is very gentle and has a kind heart. When the great war happened, she was found lying by Kumara, Lord of the beautiful capital Kusumabaura, which had just been destroyed by Taishakuten's army. Therefore he kept the sword Shurato at the crumble city in order to lure Ashura, for he believed that the city could prosper again if Ashura dies. Kaara is in love with him, but since she's already dead she couldn't bear him a child. She truly died together with Kumara after releasing the seal for her "young master".

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